Welcome to my world. I am Arnab Ghosh aka Arnie. This is my first attempt in blogging about anything & everything under the sun ! or for those things that I am passionate about.

My niche is soft skills.

You might ask me why soft skills ?

To succeed nowadays both personally and professionally, one must have certain quality attributes that can’t be taught in an educational institution. These qualities must be nurtured and practiced consistently to achieve perfection.

It is my endeavor to enrich the working professionals and students alike to improve their soft skills so that they are more employable and able to lead successful lives.

So before you go through my blogs , let me state the objective so that it helps to understand that how will Arnie’s Blogs help you.

When I was a young guy I was an introvert, I hardly used to open up in front of others and was not at all chatty.

Over the years I have realized that one needs to strike a balance and open up. Due to my professional assignments , I have to keep visiting various places and meet people for business. It is imperative to communicate with your existing and prospective clients not only formally but also keep a relationship with them via online medium such as blogs & social media.

I also keep interacting with students at my University and it gives me immense motivation to do something for them so that they achieve success in their lives. They have so many questions and I always feel that time is limited.

Hence the thought of starting a blog came to my mind.Hope that you all will like it as I would surely improve my content in the near future.

So wish me luck 🙂