Importance of body language in communication

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Today I am going to discuss about body language or certain movements or gestures which can actually help you a lot to communicate in the best way at your workplace.

Do you actually know that whatever you speak or your words just contribute to 30% of your communication the rest 70 % is contributed by the way of body language and gestures.

Many job seekers practice what they are going to say in an interview, but few think about body language. With a little more practice, a candidate can show off their confidence, professionalism, and leave a more positive impression on the interviewer, which will better their chances in landing the job!

You must have observed certain people in your life , the moment they meet you , they make their presence felt. Everything feels so energetic &  positive.They are just so full of positive vibes. It is nothing but their body language which weighs more than what they speak and if it’s in your workplace especially where you spend most of your time throughout the day it is very very important to have the best body language.

Your body language actually speaks volumes about YOU.

So a good posture conveys confidence . What does that specifically mean? Well what that means is the way in which you walk , the way in which you sit ,the way in which you conduct yourself contributes a lot.

For example ; drooping shoulders – what does it actually communicate ?

It communicates that the person is not as confident , and it also communicates that you’re just way too tired and bored and you are not interested in working.

Pointing fingers is often perceived as an aggressive motion and in some cultures is considered incredibly rude. I suggest that any fast, repeated or aggressive hand gestures should be kept to a minimum.

“Avoid chopping gestures” chop gestures can psychologically cut up the space between you ad your interview in an aggressive way.

Enunciate your words and phrase precisely. Also, don’t speak in a monotone voice- this shows a lack of enthusiasm.

Don’t fidget! It can be very distracting to the interviewer if you shake your leg, play with your hair, wave your hands, click a pen, etc. Make sure to keep hand gestures to a small movement.

Make sure to show enthusiasm in the interview: smile, nod your head, etc.

Pay attention to the following

1.Sit erect comfortably without craning your neck. Do not slouch.
2.Look attentive, keen and interested.
3.Talk clearly, maintaining a pitch that is comfortably audible to the person(s) around.
4.Do not get overexcited even while describing your achievements and strengths.
5.Listen to the queries attentively, constantly maintaining polite eye contact with the interviewers.
6.Nod your head to show that you are listening, interjecting appropriately with ‘Yes Sir/Madam’, absolutely, definitely etc.
7.Lean forward a little as you speak and backward as you listen.
8.Do not fidget, touch your face, or shake your legs.
9.Keep your arms either on your sides or in your lap. Do not fold your arms, as it is a sign of rudeness.
10.Use short simple sentences while talking.

As You Enter

Depending upon whether you are being interviewed by one person or a panel of interviewers, greet politely ‘Good Morning’/Afternoon or Evening depending upon time of the day.

If there are more than one person then address them as ‘Sirs/Madams’ and try to encompass them all in your greeting. If there is only one lady in the panel, it is polite to greet her separately.

Most probably you will be offered a seat. Do not sit down unless you are asked to.

Facing the Interviewers

As you sit across the interviewer (s), look confident and relaxed. In most cases the interviewers themselves will try to put you at ease. Believe that they are there to let you prove your worth and mean no harm to you.

Before going on your next interview or for that important meeting, make sure to practice your body language.

Arnab Ghosh

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