Top soft skills that employers love

Soft skills are a hot topic in learning and development. There’s good reason — the newest research shows that employers are trying to find people with strong soft skills, but have a tough time finding them. And employees are listening — they’re posing for help in developing their soft skills.

But tons of individuals still believe soft skills as “fuzzy.” While it’s true that skills like leadership and communication are harder to quantify and test for as compared with more technical skills, that doesn’t reduce their importance. The people and teams that succeed are those which will collaborate, communicate, work toward common goals, and navigate conflict.

We hear from tons of learning and development leaders who want to know the information and research about soft skills. If you’re working to create a case for soft-skill development, here are some numbers to assist you set it beat context.

Soft Skills Are in High Demand

Soft skills are high on hiring managers’ priority lists. During a 2016 study from the assessment company Wonderlic, 93 percent of employers said that soft skills are either an “essential” or “very important” think about hiring decisions.

Some employers report needing soft skills quite even the most-buzzed-about tech skills. during a 2015 National Association of schools and Employers survey, employers ranked leadership skills and therefore the ability to figure during a team because the most desirable attributes of latest college graduates, before problem-solving and analytical or quantitative skills.

And talent with soft skills is scarce. During a 2015 study, LinkedIn found that 59 percent of U.S. hiring managers believe it’s difficult to seek out candidates with soft skills.

Employers Place the very best Value on Communication and Management Skills

So, what specific skills are employers looking for? The ten most in-demand soft skills are:

Critical thinking
Social skills
Interpersonal communication
Friendly personality

The other must have soft skills are :

Workplace communication skills: Business writing, presentation skills, collaboration and conflict management.
Management skills: Design thinking, agile development, motivating employees, project management, coaching and emotional intelligence.
Personal effectiveness skills: Time management, critical thinking, self-awareness, organization and creativity.

The soft skills that were important for fulfillment 10 years ago are different today. Specifically, principles of leadership are changing as workplace demographics shift and corporations adopt more collaborative, team-based leadership models. Because the authors of Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report write, “Ninety percent of companies are redesigning their organizations to be more dynamic, team-centric, and connected. These changes require not just new operating models, but a special sort of leadership to mobilize and execute these models.”

And, as people live longer and careers stretch toward 60 years or longer, employees will need more on-the-job continuous training to remain before the curve.

Arnab Ghosh

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