Did you know that body language is one of the oldest forms of communication?

Well think about it! Just take a look at prehistoric man- he used verbal and guttural noises to communicate with others around him, but he also used a lot of body language as well.

Large hand and arm gestures were quite often used to ward off would-be attackers or other tribes.

And even today, hand gestures are still used to give more emphasis to things being said.

In fact, body language in general is still used a surprising amount today- we just don’t realize it.

It has been estimated that 70% of communication is through body language. Some things (like whether someone is happy of sad) are much easier to notice by looking at someones body language, instead of listening to their words.

One of the simplest forms of body language is just to smile!

Have you ever noticed that when you smile it almost seems infectious? You smile at someone, and they smile back and then they just might pass it onto someone else!

Smiling is one of the easiest and most powerful forms of body language.

A perfect example of the power of smiling can be seen when a baby smiles for the first time. Nothing seems as beautiful or as heart warming as a smiling baby and people just can’t seem to resist smiling back at the baby either!

Nothing is more important in attracting and bonding with others than a simple smile!

I have a challenge for you..

Try smiling a bit more throughout today… You’ll find life more enjoyable, and others will enjoy being around you more as well!

Arnab Ghosh

My name is Arnab Ghosh. I have been working as a Corporate professional for the past 19 years. After completing my graduation from City College {University of Calcutta}, I started my career with R.S.Software India, followed by Vedika Software Pvt.Ltd. Have worked with industry giants such as Convergys, Satyam Nipuna Services, Wipro BPO, Tata Teleservices Limited, Aircel, TaxiForSure, Brainware University among others. I am a certified trainer from Aircel Academy – Manager As a Coach & Trainer. I have also completed certifications from TBO Academy & Alison Education in the field of “Soft Skills“, the knowledge of which I apply to my students at my University regularly. I have also successfully completed “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” certification from Google and “Digital Marketing Course” from TBO Academy. I was awarded “Google Analytics for Beginners” certificate by Google after successfully completing their course. I have achieved CEFR level B2 (Upper Intermediate) in a test of English proficiency from the British Council English Score. I am a bundle of drive, energy, commitment, and dedication and firmly believe in living my life in my own terms, be it working my heart out to achieve business targets or enjoying my spare time doing things that give me joy and feelings of contentment. My hobbies include reading books & listening to music and blogging. I sincerely believe that one should never lose focus in life and that one has to put in a lot of hard work & effort to reach the top.