What to do about Stress?

“Stress can bring on a variety of ailments. Generally stress is what you feel when the demands on your life exceed your ability to meet these demands. 95% of our stress originates with other people. During acute pressure, your body releases the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Your heart beats faster, breathing quickens and blood pressure rises. You are also more prone to angina and heart rhythm irregularities. In some people, these reactions can be so dramatic that rises in blood pressure and heart rate can be extreme. If the pressure is not managed properly, increased blood clotting as a result of the stress response can put a person at risk for a heart attack or stroke.”
The Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota

“Why do people stress us? Mostly because we need them. We have a need to be loved and accepted by others, and many of us will go to almost any length to achieve respect or avoid criticism. We fear rejection because we wish to be thought of as having value. At the same time the people we need, are inconsistent. They can be loving at one moment, and inconsiderate and selfish the next. They thereby cause us stress. We become angry or fearful. Or tell our bodies: “Beware! Danger! Our bodies respond by releasing adrenaline, which can be lethal.”
Dr. Archibald Hart, author of “Adrenaline and Stress”

Of course, pressure is an inevitable part of life! It’s like a shadow and follows you everywhere. However, the way you manage pressure will tell the difference between whether the pressure will be a positive force or a negative force. If it is positive, it will not consume you. To the contrary, it will help you to face life’s challenges creatively and productively. On the other hand, if it is a negative force, you stand to suffer burnout, fatigue, inefficiency, high blood pressure, heart attack…etc…get the idea?

React to Pressure

The different ways to react to pressure:
There are basically 3 ways to react to pressure and the stress that accompanies it. You can be either Mad Sad or Glad.

  1. If the pressure building up within you makes you Mad, your anger will wear many disguises ranging from cynical denial of responsibility, to verbal or even physical assaults. This kind of reaction is very destructive to you and to the people around you.
  2. If the pressure building up within you makes you feel Sad, this too can be very destructive. Such an attitude can be a very toxic force. Why? When you internalize your stress, you are not facing reality. In a sense, you stew in your own juice! You lose your focus. Depression, health problems, and family turmoil are not far behind. When you are Sad, there is a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Now, how productive and how creative and how energetic can you be when the only light you see at the end of the tunnel is the light of another train coming right at you???
  3. Being angry or sad is very toxic. They are not the ways to manage Pressure. The key to dealing with pressure is being Glad, and this is the attitude we propose to help you and your staff attain. The key to being Glad is perception! Look, you cannot control the anger and vexation of a customer or client, but you can control you…you can prevent the other person’s vexation from becoming your vexation.

Evidence reveals that the amount of stress you feel depends not on the situation you face, but on how you perceive and react to the situation. To strengthen your power of perception so that it will be a positive force, we emphasize three areas of mind control that can make all the difference in the world in how you manage stress.

A. Visualization
B. Affirmation
C. Meditation

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