Work from home productivity checklist

Work From Home Challenges

  • You work near to the environment you relax in, so the line between work and play can become blurred
  • You need to create your own work environment and provide your own tools and software
  • You are surrounded by distractions
  • There is no accountability and no one leaning over your shoulder
  • You don’t have a need to exercise or to go outside

The worst-case scenario therefore is that you end up:

  • Working late
  • Staring late
  • Not shaving or washing
  • Working in pyjamas
  • Never going outside or exercising

Work From Home Tips

  • Finish work quickly so that you can end when you like
  • Create the ideal environment to work in for your sensibilities
  • Spend more time with the people and things you love
  • Use lifestyle design to choose how and when you will work

Productivity Hacks

  • Eat the frog – this means completing your biggest and most unpleasant job first
  • The one minute rule – finish tasks that will take one minute or less immediately
  • The Pomodoro technique/creating rewards – you can’t work for 8 hours straight, so schedule breaks during the day and keep track of them
  • Start tomorrow’s job – start tomorrow’s task before you clock off and now you don’t need to start that from fresh first thing tomorrow.
  • We also hate unfinished tasks, so it will be easier to pick this up right
  • away
  • Use to-do lists – add anything you can’t finish to your list and then have a schedule time (20 minutes toward the end of the day, perhaps) to go through those items

How To Optimize Your Home Office

  • Should be tidy
  • Use systems to keep it organized
  • Try using a paper tray/file system with work you are working on,
  • work you need this week, work that you won’t need for a while but
  • can’t dispose of
  • Go paperless where possible
  • Spend ten minutes at the end of the day completing tasks


  • The right temperature, lighting, and décor will have a physiological effect
  • on your body, altering your mood and ability to focus!
  • The right chair and desk are important to prevent strain and other issues
  • Having more than one place to sit can be an effective way to prevent
  • health issues and also to keep things fresh so you don’t feel stagnant
  • and trapped

Use images of people who inspire you
Use examples of great work in your field

Powerful Apps and Gadgets:

  • Todoist is a fantastic to-do app that will help you to set tasks and then stick to them.
  • Powerful natural language interpretation makes this easier to use
  • Notion is an incredible note-taking software that many people describe as a “second brain”
  • Zoom is useful video conferencing, used by most professionals and
  • organizations
  • Asana is project management for teams and is extremely useful
  • Docusign is used for signing documents when you can’t be physically present
  • Google Drive offers cost effective cloud storage and also collaboration tools
  • Sharepoint is a Microsoft alternative to Google Drive. Very useful for collaboration using Microsoft Office tools
  • Freedom is an app that lets you block other apps and websites that usually take up your time
  • RescueTime lets you see how you’re spending your time throughout the day
  • The Apple Watch is a surprisingly powerful productivity tool
  • Keep your to-dos on your wrist
  • Check notifications without getting out your phone
  • Monitor your stats (such as steps) to ensure optimal health

Healthy Habits

  • Make sure you spend at least some time outdoors
  • Vitamin D is crucial for hormone balance, mood, and sleep
  • Get some form of exercise
  • Cardio
  • Mobility/strength from something like yoga or calisthenics
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Try to get social contact
  • Images of faces on your desk can have a healthy impact
  • Better is to meet friends for lunch, make calls, or hang out after work
  • Make sure you prioritize your sleep
  • Create a strict separation between work and relaxation

Arnab Ghosh

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