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In continuation to my blog dated 23rd June 2020 regarding Top Interview Questions for freshers , I am featuring a few answers that a candidate must present before the interviewer to increase his/her chances of success.

Before diving into the answers , I thought of also giving you a bonus tip !

All of us feel jittery before and during an interview. It is quite normal. So here are my 3 Rules For Overcoming Interview Jitters.

3 Rules For Overcoming Interview Jitters

  1. Strike A Power Pose For Two Minutes Rather than hunching up and making yourself small in the waiting room chair as you scramble to soak up last minute notes or practice one final interview question, what you should actually find a private place to do what we call a power pose.
  2. Repeat A Positive Affirmation Repeating a positive affirmation can reduce production of cortisol and stress hormones by almost 50%, slow the mind, lower your blood pressure and heart rate and make you feel confident and powerful.
  3. Read Over Nice Things People Have Said About You Thinking back to a time when you were successful and confident is a great way to recreate that confidence right before an interview. A quick and easy way to do this is to print out and compile anything nice that someone has said about you.

Why should we select you?

This question is a great opportunity to sell yourself and your accomplishments. The answer varies if you’re a fresh graduate as opposed to a senior professional. Regardless you should include

  1. How you have the required skills/experience
  2. Why you’re a good fit: Employers like to know that you’ve taken the time to understand their organisation. So take this time to co-relate things you’ve done in the past with the things the company is trying to achieve.
  3. You get things done: This is the most important ability an employer is looking for. The ability to get things done, no matter the obstacles. Give some examples from the past.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any genuine questions, you can ask. Otherwise, just say “thank you” and leave. You can ask about the job challenges while emphasizing that you like to be motivated by well-focused daily work challenges, multi-tasking and even pressure.

Why did you leave your previous job?

Attention: Speaking anything negative about your past employers would cast back badly on you. So, don’t slander anyone. Answer like this I am thankful to my previous organisation, gave me an opportunity to work with them. I have learned a lot of things how to work under pressure with confidence and how to make relationship with co-workers professionally. Now I’m looking for better opportunity to enhance my skills and ability along with company growth.

How will you add value to our organization?

The interviewer is hoping you might be the solution to their problems. List your main skills and how these will be directly applicable if you get the job. If there is something common, cite that as synergy. If there is nothing common, mention that you bring new set of strengths to the table.

Do you have any achievement?

Some very respectable and admirable interviewers appreciate it if you honestly say that you haven’t achieved anything considerable yet and that you are all set to go out and prove yourself and that the concerned company will provide you a platform for it. Most of the interviewers will expect you to impress them. So it is always better to have a decent answer ready and prepared.

For example, you might have been part of a team that had organized a college fest for example or a technical symposium for your department. For all I know, you might have just signed up for that to get out of classes and sit in the canteen but you can make up a believable crisis situation and a way out and narrate it to them. There are many more such options. Just sit down and let your creativity flow.

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