6 Presentation Skills For Powerful Delivery

Make sure you know the following 6 presentation skills to ensure your delivery is powerful, easy to listen to, and convincing:

Principle Ideas

For your presentation to have any effect, you, the speaker, need to identify in your preparation the principle ideas in your material. If you don’t know what the principle ideas are how can the audience be expected to identify them.

Usually, principal ideas come down to 2 or 3 main points. Once these are identified in the preparation stage, the speaker can concentrate on supporting points or additional material to add force to these key ideas thus making them stand out.

Accurate Reading

When reading a quotation with the audience following along in their own printed copy, pay special attention to accurate reading. Stumbling, mispronouncing words, reading what’s not there, all take away from your authority. So be a good reader!

If accurate reading is a problem, practice!

If you are going to quote, make sure you have practiced the reading beforehand so you can read with feeling, proper sense, and poise.

Be Coherent

This public speaking tip will do much to make your presentation easy to listen to. For it to flow and be coherent, employ a wide variety of connecting expressions. These words and phrases provide a bridge and a smooth transition, helping the audience glide easily from one point to the next.

Here is a list of transitional expressions you may wish to use:

  • likewise
  • for these reasons
  • therefore
  • on the other hand
  • similarly
  • so then
  • on the contrary
  • in addition
  • furthermore
  • hence
  • also

Make liberal use of connecting words

Express It Your Way

Be careful when expressing thoughts as they appear in print from a particular source, unless of course you make it clear you are making a direct quotation. Just repeating it the way it is written can make you sound stiff and formal.

Far better to absorb the idea or thought and express it in your own words and style so it comes across in a conversational way.


Watch out for the regressions habit. This is when a speaker starts to say something, then stops in the middle of a sentence, then starts a new thought or sentence while leaving the previous expression unfinished.

Doing this repeatedly can drive an audience to the point of distraction.

The Sound Check

Personally do a sound check before your presentation. Make sure you are in the room early, talk with the sound operators and physically check the microphone.

This will give you an idea of how your voice sounds with amplification in that specific environment and how you need to use the microphone to be heard clearly.

Integrate the 6 presentation skills listed above into your presentation preparation and delivery strategy and feel a great boost in your self-confidence as a public speaker.

Arnab Ghosh

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