Body Language and Gestures

A personality sums up as many inclusions. It could be about gait, composure and general presence. We are always in awe of powerful personalities. Celebrities too have an influence on us. The reason is because they take care to deliver their speech or make their presence felt. It is good to be natural but at the same time it would be nice if we can include a few gestures or traits that will enhance our personality. There is no need to show a loud behavior if much can be delivered with a facial expression or gesture.

Standing with close hands may be comfortable to you but it also means that you do not want any inputs. The best thing about interaction is listening as all of us want to be ‘heard’. Owing to the many contradictions we tend to get into a defensive non verbal mode. This can be threatening for growth and development of self, family life and an organization. Be expressive with your facial expressions. There is no need to say, ‘I agree’ or ‘True’ every time. A simple nod and eye contact will make the talker feel important. Waiting for the entire conversation to get over and taking your time to speak is desired.

For a better impact it is good to use your body language. Walk straight without a slouch and maintain the same posture while you take a seat. Dressing appropriately is required for all formal meets, it is much more than branded accessories or power dressing. A good looking personality ahs the combination of intelligence and attire. Ideally wear something that suits you and is suitable to your environment. Too much of animation makes you look under confident. Know the use of hands at the appropriate time. A genuine smile is a sincere display of intellect and humane quality.

Doodling was okay in school but for a more emphatic meeting or taking lessons in a classroom you will need to work out a more forceful body language. Use your pen to write and not to animate. Take care of the way you turn and sit in meetings. Casual is fine but talking with a chewing gum or sipping water when you want to laugh is certainly undesirable. Etiquettes are always appreciated in any setting. Standing well creates an impression and an effort is needed to maintain a good balance. When you take notes while someone is talking they feel important. Use the nods or eye contact for a complete positive effect.

Arnab Ghosh

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