60 interview tips

When we leave our house or while leaving your desk before going home, we tend to wait for one last minute, look back once more. why do we do that? I do it because that’s the last confirmation call I take, to all the details needed are checked before leaving. there are a lot of detailed job tips, interview tips but to take one short look before an interview, we need to make a list of all the details. tried to make it shorter, here are 60 interview tips checklist.

Resume – Its your image in words helping the interviewer in selecting you.
1.keep it clear and truthful
2.Take you seniors, or our experts help in building an impressive resume
3.Don’t be a miser with words in expressing your achievements
4.Always keep few extra copies
5.Make sure they are neat and are not crumpled
6.Don’t forget to submit or upload them on the job sites etc.

Phone call – your voice taking the next step

7.make sure the premises are clear and sound proof (look your room)
8.choose a place with good network connectivity.
9.keep your resume and notepad in hand
10.now calm down and hit the call button

While attending
11.let the interviewer speak completely
12.note all the details like the company name, person’s name and designation, job role and rest other details provided initially while introducing himself.
13.address the interviewer with his last name and with respect
14.be attentive, reply promptly and confidently
15.before cutting the call thank the interviewer formally.

16.make a note of the important points of the conversation

Now START Preparing

Research – what shows the interviewer your enthusiasm and interest for the job role.
17.research about the company, its views, goals and achievements
18.keep tab of recent updates about the organization
19.if you can find, look for the interview panel members
20.try to study what the company demands and looking in the candidates for the job role.
21.not to miss do your revision on the subjects required and the new development in you domine, not necessary you should learn them but its always good to know the updates.

On the i-day – Interview day

Interview Attire
22.interviews are formal affairs, so keep your attire formal
23.shades and neutrals are vice choice in colours
24.suits, and formal shirt and trouser with a neck tie if needed is smart
25.don’t forget to press them properly, its tidy and no stains or smears
26.interviews are a place to make a mark but don’t misunderstand it to make a fashion statement
27.skin show is a big no for both men and women remember interviewer is looking at brains for more information look into interview attire tips and related articles

Documents Check
28.check for all your certificates arrange them in order and properly
29.keep your portfolio or research documents intact.
30.If carrying laptop or other devices check for the accessibility, battery and place on the screen where you can find easily.(at this point keep your screen neat and clean)

31.being late and stupid traffic reasons are not acceptable in interviews
32.take down the interview location properly, if you don’t know the place check on it the earlier day.
33.even while replying at the interview, there is no need to reply like a bullet fired but don’t take too long either.

Communication Skills
34.keep check on the negative terms like, i don’t, i haven’t, i won’t
35.try to get rid of MTI (mother tongue influence) something like “ok no”
36.try to fill the gaps in your conversation with “uhs and ok” but don’t let the conversation sound only of “uhs and oks”.

37.brush your subject along with the basics.
38.revise your projects submitted in your resume, coz that’s where interviewer will probe with question to know more.
39.keep yourself updated with your expertise subject areas developments and others related around.
40.keep updates of the general day to day subjects also updated, it shows your attentiveness to the world around.

Etiquette-before entering the interview room, these are few things to keep in mind
41.keep your nervousness on hold (breath in breath out)
42.walk in confidently
43.great every interviewer properly
44.give a firm handshake
45.don’t slouch, sit straight or lean little front while answering showing your attentiveness.
46.keep an eye to eye contact
47.remember to have a warm smile while doing all there

Answering-your reply is one of the factor that sets you apart from rest of the candidate
48.no need to run the minute bullet is fired, take few seconds before replying
49.reply smartly, there might be tricky questions to confuse you.
50.be discreet while answering
51.don’t badmouth your previous employer.

Interview Types
52.Understand the interview, what type of interview you are attending.
53.one to one interview where you need to converse and impress one person
54.behavioral interviews will ask you to explain a situation and how you reacted to it rather than how would you react to it.
55.Group interviews, either the candidates are in a group or the interview panel will be in a group in any of the scenarios you need to stand out
56.Lunch interviews can be considered as informal interviews but the assessment will be as formal interviews. so, be prepared as if going for an office interview only at the same time be a little bit relaxed also.

Ending – Starting is always important, at the same time ending is also
57.Interviews are not only for the interviewer to ask, its for you to also get the information on your queries
58.queries show your interest and enthusiasm
59.thank your interviewer warmly for the time given and taken
60.send a thank you note mentioning to know the details for further rounds or the confirmation in the next procedures.

Arnab Ghosh

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