Advantages of emotional intelligence

If you make a quick search on emotional intelligence articles, you will find a lot of information, however the most important thing that you have to understand is that emotional intelligence is the vital ability that you have to develop if you want to solve personal, business and social issues in a more effective way.

Its very simple, if you are self aware of your thoughts and actions you will be able to control and direct your action in the more quick and effective way to resolve any issue. But most people don’t have idea of they character flaws, they think that they are the way they are and there is no way to change.

If you want to improve your self or if you want to teach someone self improvement the best way to begin with is to know how emotional intelligence works and how to your develop it. Its common knowledge that people are born with talents and thus they become successful. But that is wrong, most people that are successful are not geniuses, don’t have special talents and don’t even have high intelligence.

What successful people have and I mean successful in most areas of their life, is the ability to understand their own emotions and influenced, inspire and understand the emotions of others.

Think about it, why does a leader is followed by the masses, there could be many external reasons but the main ability in a very successful leader is to recognize his followers emotions, problems and how they react to them.

The best part is that although we are born with certain emotional intelligence, this is a skill developed and its not a talent of some. How different would partners conflicts be if they could understand each others emotions?

In this emotional intelligence article i have told you some of the benefits of it. As you become more self aware you become more conscious of your actions and in control of them. For example think the last time you had a relationship conflict and how you reacted, what were your feelings and emotions? what did you say that caused your partner to react in defense? did you hurt his proud in any way?

There is a very common problem in conflicts, sometimes what causes a conflict is not what is said, but how you said it. That means that maybe you had the reason but the way you say it, caused a negative reaction.

Quick Tip #1

We can improve our Emotional Intelligence EQ by doing some daily exercises

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Emotional Intelligence is vital for the entrepreneur that wants to be successful and needs to deal with a lot of people

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Its not enough to have a high IQ now more than ever we need to develop our Emotional Intelligence to make better business decision and have more happier personal relationships

Advantages of emotional intelligence

There has been a lot of talk recently of emotional intelligence and how it can do great things for people and relationships, but still there is a lot of people that don’t understand the real advantages of emotional intelligence and how it can positively affect their life.

What we need first to understand is that emotional intelligence has been used for hundreds or even thousands of years but we were not aware of it or it wasn’t defined, few people recognized its real importance. Since child we were told that successful people had special talents and skills and that they worked really hard to achieve their goals.

And even recently on of the most talk about topics of self improvement is positive thinking and visualization. Although those concepts are good and can help, emotional intelligence has a more practical and really profound impact in a person that learns it and practices.

Emotional intelligence makes you understand and perceive your own emotions, control them and use them in the more beneficial way for you. Also Emotional Intelligence make you influence, inspire and feel other peoples emotions, thus making it easy for you to deal with a situation and put your self in the shoes of the other person.

All this might sound a little weird, however its completely practical, people who cant control their emotions, say and do in-congruent and damaging things and can hurt relationships and partners for years to come. We all have some things in common and some differences.

One of the advantages of emotional intelligence is that you will learn how to deal in difficult situations then taking the decision that will benefit both parts. This make sound like common business negotiation, however using your emotional intelligence you will understand the other person emotions and put your self in his shoes so you can persuade and tell him your view point in a way that he gets it and accepts it.

Lets see a common example, some people express themselves in certain ways where they are in pressing situations, in those moments you say what you think and the other one too, he might not disagree with you in the main point, but they way you are imposing or saying it, is causing him to disagree with you. That means that not your words but your actions or way of saying it, is what is causing him to stay of defense.

If you can learn to perceive other peoples emotions and control yours, you are in advantage, thus making easy to resolve a conflict and not expand on it. Conflicts like the example above are very common in personal relationships, people don’t understand why the counterpart cant get his point.

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