Face to Face Interview Tips

You never get second chance to make a first impression

Definitely at places where you need to be judged at fractions of minutes, you will not get the second chance to make first impression. one of such place is interview. these are just like the court stitutions with judge, victim and attorney, in interviews you won’t have an attorney to defend you nor chances to appeal for next session. especially face to face interviews, which at times and places is also called one on one interviews are like final judgement. this is not trying to scare you but just to warn you, there is no need to panic all you need to do is organise and prepare little head for the interview.

Note down Calmly

First once you get the call on conformation about the face to face interview schedule. Note down properly place, time and company and job criteria. Clear any further doubts about any attire specification or any other documents required etc. (don’t ask irrelevant or unnecessary question making fool of yourself).


This is very important homework, no interviewer would be expecting any candidate who doesn’t have basic information about the company, which is easily obtained on internet or through social network (no time is an obvious stupid reason and a white lie which is clearly visible). this clearly tells the interview about your disinterest for the placement and the organization. so, take your time and collect as much information possible in terms of achievements, goals, assets, awards, projects etc.

First 10 Minutes

The first 10 minutes is the crucial time to make a mark on yourself and to grab the attention.

ATTIRE – interviews are not the places to make fashion statements. please check on the interview attire tips and check on your industry people or the organization attire policies by asking the employes softly. keep it neat, subtle and sophisticated.

HANDSHAKE – give a firm handshake, it shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose in grip. too tight points at your bad manners and too loose points your lack of confidence. practice, quiz your friends hands till you get it right.

SMILE – One big weapon which can hold a war. observe yourself before head once, when you talk smiling the voice changes, if you are trying to guess what is the reason for change, its because smile brings confidence. so, keep smiling at the interview (Caution: its SMILE not LAUGH).


Sorry guys this is not available in any stores to purchase. you need to develop it. how? first and foremost know yourself, weakness, strengths, goals and directions. oh ! for interviews in particular your resume. you should know it properly, prepare answers for what you had provided in your resume. you are selected seeing your documents so its your turn now to base your documents.

Basic Answers

No interviewer will directly hit you with the technical question. there are these basic questions which are very casual or usual, but gives huge information about you.

why do you like to work with our company?

why do you think we should hire you?

what is the reason for shifting from the previous company?

how is your work experience with your previous employer?

These questions are not as simple as they sound, they have more weightage than you think. Think before you respond. don’t badmouth your previous employer or organization. don’t show your dis-satisfaction in work or work environment. your negative approach will only take away your chances of placement. keep your answers truthful and smart.


Every body is given a back bone, so sit straight don’t slouch or lean on the chair. From time to time lean little front while engaging in the conversation. its shows your active interaction in the conversation and support to the statements made.

Job Role

Be clear on the job role you applied, emphasise on your achievements, interpersonal skills, subject, knowledge and how well you can fulfill the role. provide them stories theories and your experiences. explain your weakness and how you tried to overcome and strengths how effective you used them for productivity.while answering all of these make sure keep an eye contact with the interviewer, giving the information on your truthfulness and confidence.

Question Time

Interviews are not only for the interviewer to ask question about you but also for you to know more about the company. so, ask the interviewer about the organization or any doubts that needs to be understood. Encourage the interviewer to explain about the organisation. this adds up in showing your interest for the job placement.

Finally thank the interviewer for the time taken and given. If selected for the Second round take information of what are the aspects and criteria. Send a thanking mail and requesting for the conformation on next round timing and dates.

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