Panel Interview Tips

Jury Day

Have you heard of a jury verdict anytime? A group of people sitting and listening to the whole argument or the explanations before passing a verdict and these are tough jobs, its not one person you need to convince but different people with different mindsets on your behalf. Jury and panel interview are almost alike, panel interviews are mostly conducted to attain immediate results. You either meet the panel individually or along with the group. Here are a few panel interview tips to ace the job.

Everyone is important

The first diamond rule of the panel interview is to make yourself prepared that it is not one person you are talking to.

Greet all the panel members individually

Make an eye contact with all the panel members

Don’t concentrate on one individual, while replying.

Be Attentive

The golden rule – always keep an eye on which direction the bullet is coming from, the questions asked might not be related to each other, as they reflect the choice of a particular individual. So, be attentive to what and from whom you are asked. you can’t ignore a question, if you don’t have an answer politely decline to answer or accept your unawareness on the issue, showing your eagerness in learning it further.

Whom to Impress

With most of the interviews, you would already understand who is impressed with you and who is yet to be. Don’t concentrate only on the people who are impressed with you, it would be comforting to express to a person who is open to you but concentrating and winning over a person who is most likely to reject you, show your ability in reading people.

Amoeba Questions

Remember amoeba? The shapeless might come across questions

Like these at the interview panel, these are not structured to any shape or graphic patterns they are random and total shapeless. Be prepared to answer these, practice them earlier. Remember you are not obliged to answer, politely decline if you do not intend to answer.

Concentrate on your attire, communication skills, smile, firm handshake, confidence levels and don’t forget to keep you mobile on silent, adding cherry on top be on time and thank the panel for the time taken and given.

Arnab Ghosh

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