Soft Skills Criteria

Developing soft skills is very important for basic functioning. For our lifestyle needs too knowing more about things around us like technology and general etiquette. Kids too have a general knowledge and a curriculum on manners which helps them in the grooming technique. Much of what we get from life is owing to the grace we display and the knowledge that we seek. Success is about implementing these general rules that makes us more interactive and approachable.

The soft skills technique is included in the course structure of much management education. This can enhance our communication skills. Good manners can be seen and noted even in a child. To earn respect it is vital to treat others respectfully. The decorum that we maintain during a Parent Teachers meet in school or at a community service is what makes us a good personality. Soft skills can be acquired. Supposing you do not own an I Pod but there is much to learning about the same.

Soft Skills Criteria-Making our selves skilled means being like an all-rounder. The real quality of a good leader is to have a high rate of soft skills. These pertain to management skills which are expressed at a time of crisis or even when there is routine work to be done. The way we manage our time is also pertaining to our emotional intelligence. Many times a leader faces criticism which is directed on a personal basis. Going above the same, a leader chooses to react in an indifferent manner. Getting overworked changes the equation and hence with experience, we learn to overcome the situation and work for a common agenda.

Writing skills or telephone etiquettes are a part of soft skills training. Knowing to write casual letters, condolence notes, business emails and confirmations forms a integral part of our conduct. Soft skills actually mean how you able to relate to a situation. It is accepting a situation and working on improving the same. While you bring out the negative points in an employees appraisal it is important to justify the same and giving explanations for the low rating. The soft skills program is applicable to all types of management cadre.

Knowing our apprehensions and choosing to react in a general manner is a beneficial matter. The true nature of a person is effaced during crisis but routine matters are more noticeable owing to our spontaneous reaction. Being responsible or handling more responsible is always appreciated by others. Hence taking more responsibilities and highlighting focus is another soft skill which is learnt as we earn more accolades in our career.

Arnab Ghosh

My name is Arnab Ghosh. I have been working as a Corporate professional for the past 19 years. After completing my graduation from City College {University of Calcutta}, I started my career with R.S.Software India, followed by Vedika Software Pvt.Ltd. Have worked with industry giants such as Convergys, Satyam Nipuna Services, Wipro BPO, Tata Teleservices Limited, Aircel, TaxiForSure, Brainware University among others. I am a certified trainer from Aircel Academy – Manager As a Coach & Trainer. I have also completed certifications from TBO Academy & Alison Education in the field of “Soft Skills“, the knowledge of which I apply to my students at my University regularly. I have also successfully completed “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” certification from Google and “Digital Marketing Course” from TBO Academy. I was awarded “Google Analytics for Beginners” certificate by Google after successfully completing their course. I have achieved CEFR level B2 (Upper Intermediate) in a test of English proficiency from the British Council English Score. I am a bundle of drive, energy, commitment, and dedication and firmly believe in living my life in my own terms, be it working my heart out to achieve business targets or enjoying my spare time doing things that give me joy and feelings of contentment. My hobbies include reading books & listening to music and blogging. I sincerely believe that one should never lose focus in life and that one has to put in a lot of hard work & effort to reach the top.

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