Building Confidence and Self Esteem – How Fast Can Change Happen?

Building confidence and self esteem is a process, however it is possible for change to occur in an instant. We can in one moment decide to change a belief or change a behavior. We can in one moment decide to see things differently. We can decide right now to no longer believe the things that have always held us back. We can decide right now to believe something different, to take on board beliefs that support us and help in building confidence and self esteem. Notice what your response is to what I have just written!

However most of us are not free enough, or trusting enough to do this kind of instant change. At least not in the beginning. We need to prepare ourselves , we need to learn more how to trust. We need to understand our fears and anxieties and learn how to put these to rest quickly. We need to become aware of and understand our inner programs of beliefs. We need to become aware of and understand how to better manage our “filters” that determine the meaning we give to our experience and what we see, take notice of and expect. The more you work on developing your relationship with yourself, the stronger your self esteem and self confidence becomes, then the easier and faster it is to change anything. Profound change can happen in an instant!

Change is the natural state of things. Everything is in a constant state of change, movement, flux.

Most of us are not so comfortable with change. We actively and sometimes violently resist change. Why is this? Well, it really comes down to our basic survival programming. We need to be and feel safe and secure because this is the key strategy for survival. Most of the time this is unconscious, just running in the background and flagging us when our system detects a threat or a potential threat. When this happens, we start to feel uncomfortable.

Most of us seek and feel more comfortable with what is familiar. Why? Because we can have a sense of mastery, some measure of confidence. Some sense of security. We know what to do, what to expect. A lot of times, it is true that change is not so comfortable! However the main difference between those people who embrace change and those who resist change is how they deal with the discomfort and what they tell themselves it is all about.

This is the key to being able to embrace change. You have the power over what you tell yourself, what you believe and what you expect.

The more we are exposed to change, the easier it is to tolerate or at best embrace further change. If you have changed your hairstyle a lot, moved your job or moved house several times, a kind of familiarity builds and you can feel more comfortable with changing your hairstyle or job or house again! However if you have never had the experience of change in these areas, if you have always kept the same style, been in the same job or lived in the same spot, the prospect of moving to something new and different can be so frightening we just hold on and fight hard to keep it all the way it is. The way we are used to it being! No matter the cost. No matter how much better the new changes may be for us! Consider the makeover shows! How fantastic the guests looked after they embraced change. People love these shows so much because they excite us about what is possible.

You have the power to make the same kind of miraculous makeovers of your own life, through building your confidence and self esteem.

Arnab Ghosh

My name is Arnab Ghosh. I have been working as a Corporate professional for the past 19 years. After completing my graduation from City College {University of Calcutta}, I started my career with R.S.Software India, followed by Vedika Software Pvt.Ltd. Have worked with industry giants such as Convergys, Satyam Nipuna Services, Wipro BPO, Tata Teleservices Limited, Aircel, TaxiForSure, Brainware University among others. I am a certified trainer from Aircel Academy – Manager As a Coach & Trainer. I have also completed certifications from TBO Academy & Alison Education in the field of “Soft Skills“, the knowledge of which I apply to my students at my University regularly. I have also successfully completed “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing” certification from Google and “Digital Marketing Course” from TBO Academy. I was awarded “Google Analytics for Beginners” certificate by Google after successfully completing their course. I have achieved CEFR level B2 (Upper Intermediate) in a test of English proficiency from the British Council English Score. I am a bundle of drive, energy, commitment, and dedication and firmly believe in living my life in my own terms, be it working my heart out to achieve business targets or enjoying my spare time doing things that give me joy and feelings of contentment. My hobbies include reading books & listening to music and blogging. I sincerely believe that one should never lose focus in life and that one has to put in a lot of hard work & effort to reach the top.