Group Interview Tips

Standing Out

Anybody remember the old detergent ads a kid with a bright white shirt standing in the crowd, that concept always caught my attention. Well, stop thinking! I will explain how is it important to the interviews. the concept always remind me to give the best effort to stand out of the group (don’t mistake and end up choosing a bright shirt for your interview). Group interviews are one such interviews where you need to stand out of the group with your ability.

There are two types of group interviews, one you will be facing a group of interviewers alone, it is also called a panel interview or the other, you will be along with a group of candidates while facing the interviewer. Here are a few group interview tips.

Be the Early bird

Have you heard the saying that “the early bird catches the worm”, here you might not get the job just by coming early. In group interviews, you most likely to be monitored from the time you enter, being early gives you the chance to be remembered, and also it helps to keep your nervousness at bay as you get a chance to know the other candidates catching up with the basic formalities.

Ice breaker

Have you ever noticed when you start getting comfortable with interviews, for most of us it was while giving our introduction or called icebreaker, as it is with what you start the conversation? So be prepared to answer about yourself and don’t forget to highlight your achievements. Keep it short yet unique and simple.

Be inclusive

You need to make sure to get the focus light on you but remember that doesn’t mean taking the whole time for your voice. Interact and allow others to put their voice which indicates leadership quality and teamwork.


A group conversation might easily end up in arguments, where you are putting best efforts to prove your statement. Interview is definitely not the place for argument so keep your emotions, tone always on check. and prove your point with base statements.

The basics are always same, formal attire, communication skills, body language, keeping eye contact and smile while answering, interpersonal skills, problem solving, etc all these are closely monitored by every interviewer, like default setting for job interviews.

Finally don’t forget to thank the interviewer, taking the feedback and asking any queries which you find important to be understood by you.